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Hoist the Jolly Roger!

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome Aboard ALTCoin, The Saltiest Coin to ever sail the open Blockchain!

$ALTCoin is is coming for the Booty!

Pie Chart V05

Charting a Course

‘X’ Marks the Spot


2021 Q4

Finish Website

We will release our website in phases. We are currently completing our one-page website that will be the front-page of a very complex website that will include an exchange, an NFT Marketplace, a trading card generator, and full-scale web game that will support AR/VR in the near future. We expect to have the Exchange, Trading Card Generator and a portion of the NFT Marketplace done by 2021 Q4.
Partner with Graphic Artists
We are always looking for talented graphic artists for our NFT Series that can add value and different aspects to our NFT’s to help make them equally unique.

NFT Release

We expect to release our first NFT collection by the end of the quarter. These packs will be available through our membership area and you will be able to purchase them with AltCoin. If you do not hold AltCoin, there will be an exchange on our website.

First Virtual Characters

Launching our first virtual character. We will be launching our first virtual character which is meant to be community owned and developed. These will be in form of NFT.


We are currently working on getting our merchandise ready for sale. This will be high quality merchandise for AltCoin and will also be an NFT. The merchandise will be released in a custom store in drops from 50–300 pieces.

Building the Creator Team for the first Virtual Artist

Selection process of the creator team for our first virtual artist has started. This will be our second character and first artist. A team will build up this artist and we aim to launch the beginning of this artist by the beginning of 2022. You will find instructions in the Discord on how to apply to become a part of this team.

2022 Q1

Community Governance

We will hold a community wide meeting within our discord to begin developing an action plan on complete community governance.


Structure of Virtual Game under Construction

Web games are complex in general, but our game will be comprised of in-game earnings, in-game items, NFT items, Land and Sea combat, Building, Quests, and Team Events. We hope to have the outlining structure of this game completed by then.

Roadmap update

Finalize a 5-Year Plan which will outline our action steps to develop our prototype web game and finally a full-scale game which support AR/VR.