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Hoist the Jolly Roger!

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome Aboard ALTCoin, The Saltiest Coin to ever sail the open Blockchain!

$ALTCoin is coming for the Booty!

Gold Skull.H15.2k
Pie Chart V05

Charting a Course

‘X’ Marks the Spot


2022 Q1

Finish NFT Marketplace

Initial NFT Marketplace is intended to be released NO LATER than 1/21/2022 assuming UI, SC, Web3 Coding, and formatting is all good to go. We still have a little more to go on the SC’s for briding ETH, BTC, SOL, and other tokens onto the NFT Marketplace, as well as a FULL NFT Mint Function so we can help other cryptos save money on web3 integration on their websites by hosting the mint function on our NFT Marketplace

CEX Listing

Locked and Loaded, just waiting for markets to improve and have some of our utilities out.


UI Complete, Finish coding and implementation of Mydlman Escrow Services into for physical goods sold as NFT as well as beginning stages of Mydlman implementation into the $altyverse.

Game Trailer

Finish UE5 concepts for the first $altyverse Game Trailer (Concept). Maps almost complete, waiting on all avatars to be completed to begin animatronics work at Shayn’s office.


Finish blueprinting actions within the $altyverse. Complete Quest lines with storyboarding, raw meshes, materials and blueprints of assets within the game. First release of the $altyverse will be a webgame that shows how the game is played, the flow, and how to play the game. Releases will be as objectives are met.



VLOG Series(Potentialy)

We are thinking about doing a VLOG of the development so that we can put together a small documentary of the development of AltCoin, NFTHarbor, MydlMan and the $altyverse.

$altyverse Series(Potentially)

We are thinking about starting a small series that will give everyone insight into the lore of our game.